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A faster build for better value and lower costs.

Clenn Construction builds precision engineered timber-frame homes, constructed off-site and ready for occupation in three weeks.  We can build any shape or size. Because 90% of our construction is done in a factory, off-site, our costs are cheaper. After 50 years in New York construction, we've come home to Ireland to offer a solution to the housing crisis. Watch this timelapse video to see how our showhouses come to life.

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Precision engineered timber frame buildings, constructed off-site, craned onsite - in under 3 weeks

Clenn builds houses inside a factory.

If you think of each room being a box, well we build each box: a bathroom box, a kitchen box, you get the idea. This is called off-site building. In New York, where we have fifty years of experience in construction, one in every seven buildings is built off-site.

Clenn Construction builds precision engineered timber-frame homes off-site. We have show houses at our factory in the Galvone Industrial Estate, Limerick. 

At full capacity, we can supply 1,700 homes a year. When all four of our production lines are operating to full capacity, we can supply a three-bedroom house in under a month. That house will have been constructed to withstand all weather. Built to an international safety standard, it will be a better value house at lower cost.

Michael Benn, his son, Patrick, and business partners, Michael Clarke, Alan Fahey and Stephen Corish, are the founders of Clenn Construction.



The Economic Social and Research Institute says Ireland needs 90,000 houses by 2021. Clenn Construction  offers a solution which speeds up the supply of houses, while also reducing costs. Where traditional construction firms can take 18 months to complete a house, we do it in three weeks. Our homes are built off-site, guaranteed to withstand all weather extremes, and cheaper when built as part of an estate by an average of €7,500-€10,000 per house.

We offer high quality, eco-friendly, efficient housing solutions to both the public and private sector.

Building timber-framed homes off-site in the factory is now commonplace throughout the whole world. The UK government has committed two billion pounds to build off-site precision engineered houses to solve their housing crisis. 

It’s extremely rare now internationally to not consider the option of an off-site build. If you look at New York City, we are doing hotels, full skyscrapers in pods and modular buildings off-site, then they get dropped and craned in, lifted on and fixed permanently. It’s the same thing here, we are taking the Irish climate and the Irish weather out of the equation. So instead of a job site being shut-down because of bad weather, we are able to build on a 24-hour schedule inside the factory and we’re ready to go. 

From our Limerick location, we are two minutes from the motorway, we can ship to Dublin, we can ship to Cork, to Galway, anywhere in Ireland.

We build bespoke private houses, entire estates, social and affordable homes, offices, Garda stations, even schools. We can produce 1,700 homes a year. Whether you are a private individual, a developer, or a State authority, contact us for a quote.



We are global experts in precision engineering. What we do is we build the house in our factory. It’s built as a series of timber-framed boxes. We have taken house-building and made it like the Ford factory line, piece by piece it gets done. So, for example, a bathroom: everything for this is assembled in one box. The bath, the tiles on the floor, everything will be assembled in one box inside the factory. Then it gets wrapped watertight, put on a lorry, dropped off with the other boxes that make up the house. Meanwhile, the concrete foundations have been laid for the house on site. Then the boxes are craned in, dropped onto the foundations. We bolt all the boxes together, permanently fixed down, never to be moved again. Then we do the inside, carpet, plaster the ceiling above, connect electrics, plumbing and it’s ready. All in under three weeks. 

On the outside of the house we use fibre cement boards that are designed to look like wood but they are incredibly durable and come with a 30-year guarantee. Ireland gets a lot of rain, but in the States we get a lot of climates. We get cold, freezing temperatures, and we get blistering heat, all the extremes. Our houses are built to stand up to all kinds of weather.

We are working with Limerick City and County Council on a pilot project to build social houses. We are the only  volumetric builder in Ireland. Everything is 90% complete in the factory. We go on site with our completed boxes and in two weeks, the buyer is having a cup of tea in the kitchen of their new home. 

Clenn has its own in-house architects, plus a working partnership with Healy Architects and Punch Consultants.

Already have designs/planning permission? Let us build it for you - less time, less money, guaranteed.

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